Sumner Court Docket: April 25, 2018 report

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — The following are a list of criminal court complaints recently filed by the Sumner County Attorney’s office.These are formal charges introduced into the Sumner County District Court system. The suspects listed in the complaint have not been tried by a judge or jury unless specified otherwise. All citizens are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.•••••State of Kansas v. Loretta Wiley — Case No: 18 CR 36Date of birth: 1984. Address: Oxford.Date of alleged crime: July 26, 2017.Charges:Count 1: Theft, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Wiley is accused of not paying for a motel room at Wellington Steakhouse Inn. ———State of Kansas v. Seth LeClair — Case No: 18 CR 38Date of birth: 1984. Address: Oxford.Date of alleged crime: July 26, 2017.Charges:Count 1: Possession of drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Possession methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony. Count 3: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: LeClair is accused of having meth in a glass pipe in his pocket.———State of Kansas v. Henry Fogle — Case No: 18 CR 43Date of birth: 1985. Address: Caldwell.Date of alleged crime: January 31, 2017.Charges:Count 1: Possession of firearm by convicted felony, level 8 felony. Count 2: Interference with law enforcement, level 9 felony. Case description: Fogle is accused of possessing a handgun at his residence in Caldwell where he shot his foot after being convicted on March 24, 2011 for aggravated sexual battery in Sumner County. Allegedly, Fogle showed up at the Caldwell Hospital with the gunshot wound he falsely reported that he found the handgun in the street near the Caldwell cemetery and he accidentally shot himself when he picked it up and threw it away in the field in anger. He then told authorities, that  he got a ride to the hospital by a passing motorist. In reality , according to the complaint, Fogle was at his residence in Caldwell when he shot himself in the foot. ———State of Kansas v. Christopher Chambers — Case No: 18 CR 44Date of birth: 1971. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: February 10, 2018. Charges:Count 1: Speeding 47 mph in a 30 mph zone, traffic infraction. Count 2: Failure to provide proof of liability insurance, Class B misdemeanor. Count 3: Driving under the influence, Class B misdemeanor.Count 4: Possession of firearm while under the influence of alcohol, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Chambers is accused of driving a 2011 Chevy Aveo on the Main Street of Oxford at a speed of 47 mph in a 30 mph speed zone, not having liability insurance, having a blood-alcohol content above .08 and having a loaded handgun in the center console of the vehicle he was driving. After the arrest, according to the complaint, he physically resisted being handcuffed and tried to walk away from police officers. Allegedly, he then kicked a Sheriff deputy in the lower abdomen below his belt and later told the deputy “he deserved it.” Chambers then allegedly made multiple statements about wanting the officers dead including shooting one in the chest as he was being transported to jail. He then allegedly refused to take a blood sample at the jail. ———State of Kansas v. Pauly Travis — Case No: 18 CR 47Date of birth: 1985. Address: Conway Springs.Date of alleged crime: February 1, 2018. Charges:Count 1: Driving under the influence, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2: Refusal of preliminary breath test, traffic infraction. Case description: Travis is accused of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, and then refusing to take a screening test. ———State of Kansas v. Ralph Pingry — Case No: 18 CR 48Date of birth: 1980. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: February 11, 2018. Charges:Count 1: Possession marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Pingry is accused of having marijuana in a plastic container in the center console of his Ford Mustang. ———State of Kansas v. Mayra Casas — Case No: 18 CR 52Date of birth: 1984. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: February 15, 2018. Charges:Count 1: Possession methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony. Count 2: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Casas is accused of having a loaded syringe containing methamphetamine in her possession.———State of Kansas v. Shania Barry — Case No: 18 CR 53Date of birth: 1999. Address: Mayfield.Date of alleged crime: February 5, 2018. Charges:Count 1: Criminal damage to property, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Barry is accused of punching holes in the sheet rock in her room with damages being less than $1,000.———State of Kansas v. Anthony Martinez — Case No: 18 CR 56Date of birth: 1985. Address: Sumner County jail.Date of alleged crime: January 3, 2018. Charges:Count 1: Battery of County Corrections Officer, level 5 felony. Case description: Martinez is accused of striking a detention deputy after he seized a roll of toilet paper he was unauthorized of using. Allegedly, Martinez was using the toilet paper to cover surveillance cameras. Upon hitting the officer, he also knocked the Tazer out of the deputy’s hand and a physical struggle ensued, allegedly. ———State of Kansas v. Shania Barry — Case No: 18 CR 57Date of birth: 1999. Address: Mayfield.Date of alleged crime: February 23, 2018. Charges:Count 1: Aggravated assault, level 7 felony. Count 2: Disorderly conduct, Class C misdemeanor. Case description: Barry is accused of grabbing two large knives and pursuing a person she was arguing with at the dinner table into another room.———State of Kansas v. Miguel Rey Machado — Case No: 18 CR 59Date of birth: 1986. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: January 10-11, 2018Charges:Count 1: Making false information, level 8 felony. Count 2: Making false information, level 8 felony. Count 3:  Making false information, level 8 felony. Count 4: Theft, level 9 felony. Count 5: Forgery, level 8 felony. Count 6: Forgery, level 8 felony. Count 7: Forgery, level 8 felony. Case description: Machado is accused of drawing money from an account not his own by making three illegal checks totaling $395, $397, and $400 at Panhandle Credit Union in Wellington. ———State of Kansas v. James Edward Atkins — Case No: 18 CR 60Date of birth: 1978. Address: DerbyDate of alleged crime: March 1, 2018Charges:Count 1: Driving while suspended, second offense, Class A misdemeanor. Count 2: Fleeing or attempting to elude a police officer while engaging in a reckless driving, level 9 felony. Count 3: Speeding , traffic infraction. Count 4: Speeding, traffic infraction. Count 5: Speeding, traffic infraction.Count 6: Failure to drive on right side of road, traffic infraction. Count 7: Overtaking vehicles traveling in same direction, traffic infraction. Count 8: Failure to give proper signal, traffic infraction. Count 9: Failure to give proper signal, traffic infraction. Count 10: Passing in no passing zone, traffic infraction. Count 11: Reckless driving, traffic infraction. Case description: Atkins is accused of driving a Dodge Ram 1500 with no drivers license and refusing to stop when a pursuing police vehicle gave visual and audible signals for him to do so. That started a high speed chase where Atkins allegedly made five or more moving violations including: driving while suspended license, speeding, driving left of center, overtaking and passing vehicles proceeding in same direction, failing to signal, and passing in no-passing zone. He is accused of driving in and out of traffic, swerving across center lanes, passing in no passing zones, driving through fields, and not using turn signals. Atkins also allegedly drove 67 in a 55 mile per hour zone on N. Oliver Road, 98 in a 65 mph zone on U.S. 160, 98 in a 55 mph zone on Oxford Road. Allegedly, he drove the Ram 1500 passing vehicles on the left and not allowing enough room when passing them. He allegedly drove the vehicle, southbound on Oxford road, westbound on 20th Street, then turned northbound on Oilfield Road. ———State of Kansas v. Adam Hilt — Case No: 18 CR 61Date of birth: 1999. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: February 26, 2018Charges:Count 1: Possession marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Count 3: Possession of marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Count 4: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor.Case description: Hilt is accused of having joint possession of marijuana seized from his 1999 blue Chevrolet Silverado when he was found passed out in the vehicle at the Wellington Walmart. He allegedly had marijuana in a grinder, a marijuana cigarette on the center console and another blunt in the pocket above the windshield.  Then on Feb. 28 about 9:32 p.m. Hilt is accused of having marijuana in a glass jar in the vehicle he was a passenger in and on a metal tray on the floor. ———State of Kansas v. Cody Patterson — Case No: 18 CR 62Date of birth: 1995. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: February 26, 2018Charges:Count 1: Possession marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Count 2: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Count 3: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Count 4: Driving while suspended, Class B misdemeanor. Count 5: Driving under the influence of drugs, Class B misdemeanor. Count 6: Possession of marijuana, Class B misdemeanor. Count 7: Possession of drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Count 8: Criminal carrying of weapon, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Patterson is accused of falsely reporting at the Wellington Walmart that he did not have possession of a stolen watch. He allegedly stated to police that he left the watch somewhere when in reality it was attached to his belt after he had taken it to the bathroom without paying for it. Patterson also allegedly had joint possession of marijuana seized from Hilt’s vehicle, and possessed a grinder, cigarillo papers and a pipe. Then on Feb. 28, he was driving a 2005 Grand Prix on A Street with a suspended driver’s license, and was allegedly under the influence of drugs. He also allegedly had marijuana in a glass jar in the vehicle and more in a metal tray on the floor. He also had a marijuana pipe and a glass smoking bong in the vehicle allegedly. Then, allegedly, Patterson was carrying metal knuckles in his pocket when he was arrested. ———State of Kansas v. James Cooley — Case No: 18 CR 64Date of birth: 1977. Address: Wellington.Date of alleged crime: February 15, 2018Charges:Count 1: Battery of law enforcement officer, Class A misdemeanor. Case description: Cooley is accused of angrily shoving and pushing a Wellington Police Officer at Sumner Mental Health.———State of Kansas v. Geordi Vandeest — Case No: 18 CR 65Date of birth: 1995. Address: Oxford.Date of alleged crime: February 17, 2018Charges:Count 1: Possession methamphetamine, level 5 drug felony. Count 2: Possession drug paraphernalia, Class B misdemeanor. Case description: Vandeest is accused of having methamphetamine residue in a clear smoking pipe in his backpack and in a baggy inside a hard glass case and other meth in a class vial in his pocket.last_img read more

‘Deadliest Catch’ wins on count-back

first_imgThe Backyard Golf SocietyThe Backyard Golf Society lads had a solid hit-out at Emerald on Friday, Dec. 13.  With a few players absent through self-inflicted next morning blues (Foos yer Doos) or car maintenance issues (Michelle Chatt) we only had the 2 groups out. The winner on the day on count-back was Andy “The Deadliest Catch” Crabb, pipping ‘Diet WhiskeyMan’ 16 to 15 on the back nine.Skins went to ‘Diet Whiskey’ with 5, 4 each to Don ‘the Divorcer’ (another self-inflicted casualty but he did manage to sober up enough on the back nine after looking like a prime candidate for an early shower on the front 9) and ‘Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend’, 3 to Irish John and 1 to ‘The Deadliest Catch’. The ‘Deadliest Catch’.Another M.I.A. today was ‘Passport Control’, he was tied up showing his new squeeze “Irish” around Pattaya and showing her off to all he can find.  Fine lass she is too.Foos yer Doos (last seen at the market bars around 11pm on Thursday night, at which time he vehemently declared his intention play on the Friday) did his party-piece again and failed to show up with the roll-over kitty from the previous week.  Nick – Tash’s Razor – provided some entertainment on his first guest appearance at the society, even the caddies had a good laugh at some of his trick shots.Down the road for a few quick refreshments where “The Deadliest Catch “declined to have a photo taken, so the photo accompanying this report shows Mr Crabb in a scene from The Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel.One for the IrishAnother very blustery day greeted the Backyard boys at Emerald on Friday, Dec. 20.  The recent cool weather is certainly providing comfortable golf conditions but the wind can play havoc with a lot of shots.The winner today was Irish John with 37 points while the near-pin prize was won by the Passport Control, as was last week’s roll-over.  Skins were well doled out with 5 to Irish John, 4 to Don the Divorcer, 2 each to Golden Trowel’s boyfriend and Jimmy 2 Stone and the last 5 holes 1 rolled over to the next game.Foos yer Doos will no longer be allowed to hold on to the roll-over kitty as he always fails to show up when he has the money.We said farewell today to Andy “The Deadliest Catch” Crabb and the Biss and welcomed another defector from Slimey’s in Chris.  The Divorcer has headed to Siem Reap for Christmas, no doubt the killing fields will be getting a visit along the way.last_img read more

Bad News for Connacht ahead of Cardiff Clash

first_imgSecond row Andrew Browne continues to recover from the hand injury sustained against Brive. He remains unavailable this week for Cardiff.Rodney Ah You has returned from New Zealand following the passing of his father. Quinn Roux is now fit and available for the game against Cardiff Blues on Friday night.Meanwhile, Eoin McKeon, Ben Marshall, and Dave McSharry have all completed the return-to-play protocols following concussion and are available to the coaching team this week.Connacht face Cardiff on Friday night as they bid to continue their lead at the top of the Guinness Pro 12 Table.print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email It was also confirmed that openside flanker Nepia Fox-Matamua ruptured his ACL in the game against Brive this month. Surgery on the injury is planned for January and the New Zealander is facing 6 months of rehab. Following Connacht’s win over Munster on Saturday there was bad news for Connacht Coach Pat Lam with confirmation that three of the stars of Saturday’s win will be out for a minimum of three weeks with worse news for Robbie Henshaw.Henshaw suffered a metacarpal fracture to his hand in the last play of the game against Munster. He is currently in Dublin for a surgeon review but is likely to be sidelined for up to six weeks.Loosehead prop Denis Buckley sustained a high ankle sprain in Saturday’s game and is expected to be out of action for three weeks while Back row forward Eoghan Masterson fractured his thumb on Saturday and is also looking at three weeks on the sidelines.center_img REPRO FREE***PRESS RELEASE NO REPRODUCTION FEE***Life Style Sports Launch Limited Edition Connacht Green Lantern Jersey 24/11/2015Life Style Sports, official sponsor to Connacht Rugby, today launched a limited edition Connacht Green Lantern jersey that will be worn on Nov 28th against Munster. On hand to help launch the super hero inspired jersey were ConnachtÕs own heroes John Muldoon, Bundee Aki and Eoghan Masterson. The Green Lantern jersey is available in adult and kids sizes exclusively from Life Style Sports, in store and online at www.LifeStyleSports.iePictured (L-R) Bundee Aki, John Muldoon and Eoghan MastersonMandatory Credit ©INPHO/Dan Sheridanlast_img read more

Watford come back against Spurs thanks to Cathcart header

first_imgTOTTENHAM travel to Watford with both teams coming into the match at Vicarage Road on the back of three wins out of three.Spurs stunned Man United 3-0 at Old Trafford last time out while the Hornets edged out Crystal Palace in a hard fought 2-1 home win.last_img

Minister Harmon stresses importance of admin professionals

first_img…“they are indispensable in the public service”By Devina SamarooThe public service has a crucial role to play in transforming Guyana, Minister of State Joseph Harmon charged to a roomful of administrative professionals who were eager to begin their training in public service efficacy on Wednesday morning at the Impeccable Banquet Hall, Brickdam.The event, which was organised by Zoywins Consultancy, under the theme “Shine like a Diamond”, coincides with worldwide celebrations of Administrative Professionals’ Day in recognition of the valuable contributions of administrative staff to the success of organisations.Both Private and Public Sector workers from across seven administrative regions gathered to participate in the seminar where they were brief on areas related to the development of cooperative style, strategies to prevent conflict and master cooperation and efficiency; maintenance of healthy lifestyles; among others.In delivering his opening remarks, Minister Harmon underscored the importance of being involving in training programmes of thisMinister of State, Joseph Harmon delivering remarks at the opening of the Administrative Professionals Workshop at the De Impeccable Banquet Hallnature, noting that the knowledge gained may attribute to career advancements and increased earnings.Harmon, who has responsibility for the public service, emphasised that administrative staff are an indispensable part of the delivery of public/ customer care service, and as such, he noted that it is most advantageous for organisations to invest in the proper training and development of these individuals.“Administrative professionals or secretaries are particularly important to this process in a number of ways, specifically, many of you, if not all of you, are the first point of contact between your organisation and the public. You are the face of you department or agencies or companies in which you work,” he explained, highlighting that as a consequence, administrative professionals contribute significantly to the way in which their employers are perceived.Harmon even shared a personal experience to support his assertions.“When we came into office under the coalition Government, I had the responsibility of organisation work of the Ministry of the Presidency, and from day one up to maybe day 40/50, people were coming to see me on a daily basis and sometimes by the time they get to me, they would have gone through sometimes two layers or three layers of persons and sometimes some of them come in vexed because they say “the people give me a hard time before I get to you”; and so I have been at pains to point out to those members in the public service that they are the faces of that administration, these are the people that interact with the public on a daily basis; therefore, if you are not courteous and you do not treat the public well, by time they come to me to deal with their problems, I have to unwind them, I have to spend an extra five or 10 minutes telling them that this is not the kind of administration we will have,” Harmon related.On this note, he charged that administrative professionals ought to be considered the backbones of organisations.“Your day to day work is the foundation of your organisations’ accomplishment. You take care of the details and the success achieved with respect to task undertaken… in reality, it cannot be done without you,” he stated.In further underscoring the importance of the public service in transforming the country, Harmon reminded that in delivering quality service, administrative professionals must strive to look beyond political, racial and religious persuasions.“It does not matter which political party you voted for… public servants should deliver with strict neutrality and integrity,” he noted.In conclusion, Minister Harmon urged the participants to work assiduously both individually and collectively, not only in striving for self-development but to bring about massive changes in the quality of public service being delivered in Guyana.“You are the agents of change,” he charged.last_img read more

Roma not interested in Daniel Sturridge as replacement for Chelsea-bound striker

first_img1 Serie A giants Roma are ‘unconvinced’ Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge can fill the void left by Chelsea-bound forward Edin Dzeko.Former Manchester City star Dzeko is on the verge of a return to the Premier League, with Chelsea close to agreeing a deal to bring him to Stamford Bridge.And in response to those claims Roma have begun looking at alternatives for Dzeko and are keen to have a deal in place in the event of the Bosnian’s departure.But it would appear Liverpool frontman Sturridge is not on their radar as, according to Corriere della Sera, Roma are not convinced the England international can fill Dzeko’s boots.Sturridge has made just 14 appearances for Liverpool this season and has endured several battles with injury during recent campaigns.His future at Anfield remains unclear and he may be forced to quit before the end of the month to boost his chances of being included in England’s World Cup squad. Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge is NOT on Roma’s radar last_img read more

Lancaster training deputies’ aides

first_imgStill, they will work with sheriff’s officials. “They will be clearly recognized as law enforcement,” he said. Even though Friday’s driving session was their first behind-the-wheel practice, the CSOs have been training since July 17. After they finish up training, the CSOs will join patrol deputies for on-the-job training. CSO Yeni Deciga said the experience has been very beneficial. “It has been thorough, great,” she said while a small squad car piloted by a fellow CSO cautiously coasted around cones. “The deputies make sure we understand what we do.” The 30-year-old Palmdale resident previously worked security at the Valencia Town Center, and her concern for her city brought her to the CSO position. Deciga said there will be some challenges, chief among them establishing a positive relationship with the public. But she said she is excited about getting out into the area. “We want to set the example here,” she said. “I can’t wait to get out there and help.” Fellow CSO Jim Wienke said he wants to help the community as well. Unlike Deciga, this is his first exposure to law enforcement. “I can’t wait to interact with the public,” Wienke said, a smile slowly gracing his face. “But, then again, the biggest challenge will also be dealing with the public.”160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! “We have made a pretty big commitment to this,” he said near a white Jeep 4X4 dotted with sheriff’s logos. “I’m really happy with this group we have.” Once trained and deployed, the CSOs will respond to routine calls for service from the public, like taking crime reports in which there are no immediate threats. “If someone called in saying their bike was stolen, a CSO would respond to that,” Bozegian said. The institution of CSOs also ushers in a new Internet-based crime reporting system, in which residents can log on to a Web site and alert officials about similar small-scale crimes. Even though CSOs have been used by the city before, Bozegian said this is the first time they have served as city employees. LANCASTER – Several sheriff’s patrol cars cruised Friday morning through the parking lot of Clear Channel Stadium, but in a refreshing turn of events, it wasn’t a crime in progress. It was a driver’s training program for Lancaster’s community service officers that brought out the black-and-whites. Fifteen CSOs were hired by the city of Lancaster after the City Council approved the additions in January. The CSOs were hired to perform law enforcement duties not requiring sworn personnel, providing patrol deputies with additional time to pursue more pressing situations. Assistant City Manager Mark Bozegian is pleased with the CSO hirings. last_img read more

GOP candidate cites mistranslation in flap

first_imgA Republican congressional candidate linked to a threatening mailing targeting Hispanics says the intent of a letter he did not authorize was lost in translation. Tan Nguyen, whose campaign headquarters and house have been searched in a widening voting-rights probe, told reporters Sunday that the media had poorly translated the Spanish-language letter sent by a campaign manager to 14,000 Hispanic families in Orange County. Nguyen said the word “emigrado,” translated by the media as “immigrant,” actually referred to a legal permanent resident, or green-card holder. So, Nguyen’s argument went, the sentence warning that immigrants could be jailed or deported for voting referred to green-card holders who cannot vote, and not immigrants who have become naturalized U.S. citizens. Only U.S. citizens can vote. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORESurfer attacked by shark near Channel Islands calls rescue a ‘Christmas miracle’Nguyen declined to say who came up with the idea for the letter or who translated it into Spanish, but argued that the controversy amounted to a “debate over translation.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

#Nextchat RECAP: The Value of Membership

first_imgOn December 19, @shrmnextchat chatted with SHRM’s senior vice president of membership, Mike Aitken (@SHRMSVPAitken), about the Value of Membership.If you missed this excellent chat about how membership provides resources for daily tasks, opportunities for networking, and tools for professional development, you can read all the tweets here:last_img

Social Media: Marketers Gear up Social Media Plans, But Results Aren’t Always Positive

first_imgSocial Media continues to dominate the discussion of business marketers.  A report on the state of Social Media advertising by the SocialMediaExaminer came up with some interesting facts based on a survey of 3800 marketers.Marketers rank the top five social media tools in the following order: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and YouTube were the top five social media tools.  While Google+ doesn’t make the current top five tools, there is growing interest.  Currently about 40 percent of marketers are using Google+ and 70 percent of marketers say they want to learn more about it while 67 percent say that they’ll increase their use of it.43 percent of people aged 20-29 use social media sites more than 10 hours every week94 percent of companies with marketing departments have adopted some form of social media as part of their advertising campaigns85 percent of business that use social media report an increase in their market exposure76 percent of marketers plan to increase their use of videos and plan on investing on content to appear on Youtube53 percent of companies using social media for at least three years report increased sales60 percent of companies dedicate at least one full working day to social media marketing every weekBut are all these rosy statistics only a slanted view on the full reality of social media marketing?  Some businesses are finding that the use of Social Media doesn’t always bring positive results.The Telegraph from the UK, for example, quotes Anthony Cooper, Pearlfinders managing director, as saying that “We saw investment in social media increase steadily throughout 2011, to reach the highest levels ever by the end of the year.  However, as financial services brands embraced new methods for communicating with customers, they opened themselves up to criticism and negative sentiment… When it comes to spending on social media, marketing budget-holders in this sector are left wondering about the benefits, and many are simply putting spending on hold until they have developed a clearer picture of how social media can be harnessed to improve their brands… This represents an interesting about-turn. ”last_img read more