The Ministry of Tourism is introducing facilities for domestic guests

first_imgAlthough the number of domestic tourists is increasing, last year there were one million and 412 thousand, the Minister of Tourism Anton Kliman announced additional measures to encourage domestic tourist traffic. As we have learned from the Ministry of Tourism, these are benefits for domestic guests, which should encourage an increase in spending. We have contacted the Ministry of Tourism on this issue, followed by a written answer:”It is a measure to encourage domestic tourist traffic, especially in the off-season and especially in the continental part of Croatia. Namely, the desire of the Ministry of Tourism is to manage tourist destinations on the domestic market, and we are considering models of how to do this, including the Hungarian model, but also models from other countries. Specifically, on the Hungarian example, it is a part of the recourse that companies give their employees an additional earmarked amount for accommodation, catering services and recreation. That is, it is a relief for higher tourist consumption of domestic guests, which is extremely important for the year-round development of tourism. ” – point out the Ministry of TourismHonestly, it is not very clear to us how this would be implemented in practice, without being “at the expense” of the private sector, because will not interfere with the state budget. If the Ministry of Tourism does not intend to subsidize a certain amount, then it all falls to the good will of the entrepreneur whether he wants to reward you financially through the payment of recourses or similar, in addition to the regular salary. As the working draft of the proposed measure now looks like, the Ministry of Finance would tax the said reliefs at a lower percentage than income. Which simply means that everything is up to your company if it wants to reward you especially financially, and that cost to the company would be less taxed.”We will agree on the models with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture, in a way that does not interfere with the state budget. This would enable higher tourist consumption outside the main tourist season, ie 365 days a year. For now, we can say so much, the models of other countries are being considered, and we are in the process of arranging a meeting, first with the Hungarian Commissioner for Tourism, but then with others. We need this for the analysis that we would present to other departments and agree on a model that would be optimal for Croatia.“Conclude from the Ministry of Tourismlast_img

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